Recording GPS coordinates at specific intervals automatically

I am trying to develop an APP where My GPS location can be saved at specific intervals. Each item wokrs perfectly when isolated, but the results of the combination are not as expected, e.g. for a 1 minute interval, over 6 minutes instead of having 6 elements in the history listpicker, I get only 2 or 3 elements, as if sometimes the data disappear before being saved. Here are the aia and the capture image. Any help? Tks.

MapItAutoMode.aia (7.4 KB)

One problem could be the fact that App Inventor apps can't run in the background. Is your app always open and your device's screen on when the problem happens?

As per your suggestion, I ran the APP while hitting the screen to keep it open, and it worked. Now I will try to add a function KeepScreenOn.
Thank you Italo, excellent suggestion.

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Also, you can see if this would be of any use to your app. (I haven't tried it myself yet).

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