Record voice call

I know that in some countries it is not possible to record calls, I don't really know for what reason.

But there are many people who need to record calls simply for the following reason:
Due to the nature of a mobile device, we are always or most of the time without a paper notepad, without pens of other objects to point to, sometimes we do not always understand what we write down and the solution is to record what the other person says next to our words. This is ideal, and I don't know why voice calls cannot be recorded.

My question is:

Is it possible to develop such an application for even personal use that records calls to simply inform us of the details of streets, times, dates and other relevant information?

Note: Not for spying on anyone or using anyone as a throwing weapon.

Thank you.
"As Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge Bah humbug says!"

This is something you should speak to a lawyer about for the correct advice.

Thanks for your answer.

Although I understand you. I do not understand your answer. I just want to know if it is possible to do it with this programming tool. The question is simply directed at whether anyone has experienced doing something of this style of application.

Hi @Andy
Media Recorder android api is capable of doing that but it needs Api 21.

Thanks for your information.

But, having the api 21, I do not quite understand this information. Since the editor of mit app inventor does not ask me for api or I don't know that it asks for it.

To summarize, can you tell me that it is possible to make an application that records a telephone conversation, both from the receiver and the sender of the telephone call?

Media Recorder class of Android needs Android 5 or Lollipop to function properly.
It is possible to record a call only when someone creates an extension for it.

You need to customize the Manifest; add this line:

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="21" />

Btw, as far as I know also Material Design / icons require Android β‰₯ 5 / "Lollipop" (API 21).

Many thanks. You are some suns. I will investigate it to know how to do it from your information.

It is honestly that I find it very unfair not to be able to use conversations to better understand what we talk about with other people. And not all people have their memory in order nor do we always have time to write down what other people say.

In addition, mobile phones are our property and since Nokia existed, for example, users have already become users and not owners of mobile phones or data. Both things are ours and not those of the manufacturers or governments.

Sorry if this affects me so much, but it is.

Extension developers can also specify min SDK for the extension.

androidMinSdk = 7

is default and can be changed.

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Yes of course, but most of them don't.
As I said for material icons you need at least API 21. But e.g. this extension does not request that.

So this has to be queried yourself.

As far as I know your ScreenRecoder extension doesn't do that too, or ...?

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Unfortunately no.
The extension was primarily made for builders who give options to specify min sdk but I will add in next update (if I release someday).

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