Recieving menu name from Arduino and holding it in label till another menu name is printed

Hey guys,

I need to receive the current selected menu item name from my Arduino controller and print it to a label. There are three menu items and i want it to hold the characters until the next current mode is received from the arduino.

Auto Standby
Auto Cycle

I cant seem to find the blocks i would need to make this and am wondering if anyone can help

Upload your Arduino code so we can see how menu items come.
Also export and upload your .aia file.

arduino_controller(1).aia (3.7 KB)
bluetoothhammercontrollerIDEV2NONBLOCKING.ino (10.1 KB)

I also want to print the incoming Cycle counter which you can see is sent along bt serial in the same format

How is this different from your other thread at

Study the code in the other thread.

It can handle both.

Apologies. The current selected menu is sent as "IDLE" "MANUAL" "AUTO STANDBY" or "AUTO CYCLE" and do not contain ":"

Although I could change the arduino code to send "MODE: 1" "MODE: 2" "MODE: 3"

But then I still don't understand how to make it print either "IDLE" "MANUAL" "AUTO STANDBY" OR AUTO CYCLE" to the same Value label "MODE"

Look for how data gets into lblOther in my code.

Oh I see. thank you