Receiving Images From Raspberry

Testing in companion, this works OK, with a 500kb image.

Takes an image from the assets, converts to base64, saves to firebase, gets from firebase, converts to file in the ASD.

it's so bad for me, the problem still continues with recieving the coding. It makes the app close. :(, i will try to prove in another device

You may need to url encode the base64String before you send it to Firebase ?

Show your current blocks

This is my code from Raspberry, it works fine:

When i run this, i get this on Firebase:

And this is what i've modify on Mit

and it still closes, i proved it on two mobile phones and happens the same.

To find out more about the runtime error, use logcat...


Have you tested the base64 string?

Set it as a data uri in your browser:


Do you get your image ?

Sorry, i don't know where to set up that. Can you tell me where?

Should have asked this earlier, are you using Android or iOS companion for testing ?

Android, mine is version 9

Have you been able to test your base64 string in a browser?

Yes, i told you before. In an online converter, It does correctly

Really not sure what is happening.

Could you share your aia project (you can use Private Message if you prefer) so that I can test ?

Base64_Simple (2).aia (488.0 KB)

This is my file, it closes because on firebase is base64 pic uploaded, if i change for any other value the app doesn't close.

Thanks i will test it out :slight_smile:

What have you put in the Firebase Token box ?
This should be the project API Key, which is @ 40 characters.
this is the token box

i put it on firebase set up

That is the Firebase Url. I am talking about the Token, the one above. This should be the API key.

Can you please paste it here

Also did you setup your firebase project on a europe or us server? If europe, you may need to create a new project on the us server (for some reason this is the one that works with AI2)

It is OK, I have got it working.

Can you please ensure that there is a base64 string in the Hello tag. ( I cannot view your console)

It's USA server,


but it doesn't have 24 characters

OK, that top code is the API Key

We do not need to use the secret code for connecting to Firebase.

I changed your ProjectBucket to FIREBASE RICIBIR from FIREBASE_RICIBIR to stop the app crashing. make sure this is where you are sending the base64 string FIREBASE RICIBIR/Hello