Receiving Data through bluetooth module from Arduino Mega

Hello! i need some help in my project.

i wanna ask you about the some confusion in creating my app .
my project name is hand gesture sign recognizing gloves . when i made a gesture, those gesture will represent the words. where i have made data set for 6 7 words like thankyou, welcome, hello .
i wanna make a app where i will received these data from Bluetooth module and display it in my app screen. but while i am making it i got confused about the block and what i should put next .

Are you able to make the connection to your Arduino? In your blocks I see nothing to acknowledge the connectio, like putting: Connected! in a label.
Then, What is the Arduino going to send to the app?
Search this forum, and the faq, there are many examples that can help you.

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Posting the Arduino code helps too.

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