receive signals from a proximity sensor from arduino to the app

Very good to all, I ask for your help, in a project that I am doing I need that through a proximity sensor that I have in an arduino send me a signal to the app and that in the app a type of LED lights up that tells me If there is an object in front of the sensor and the LED turns green or there is no object in front of the sensor and the color of the LED is red, I would greatly appreciate it, excuse my ignorance, I am new to this type of thing.

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Hello Marco

How far have you got with your Project? Will you be sending the sensor data to the App via Bluetooth?

Tell us the exact Arduino model you have, the make/model of the sensor and the make/model/Android version of your phone.

Edit: If you are adding a Bluetooth module, we need to know what that is too (e.g. HC-06)

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he will receive a signal through a wifi module which is an esp8266 and then when the module receives a signal in the app it has to go out if there is an object near the sensor it turns red and as previously explained, because the arduino is an arduino UNO.

How far have you got with your Project?

Here is a guide on using esp8266 WiFi to send sensor data to an App Inventor App:

Also on YouTube, a very well defined guide:

Are you using an Arduino UNO with an ESP8266-01 module?

Maybe it's easier with a D1 R2 card with ESP8266-12

Google images ESP8266-12 D1 R2