Receive long string from Arduino BLE

I have designed a simple App that will send a long message to an Arduino, then the Arduino will write it to the EEPROM. There is a button on the app which will retrieve that message from Arduino's EEPROM, send it back to the App and display it in a label.

I have an HM-10 module. I'm aware that long string will be sent back in chunks of 20 bytes so only the last packet is displayed on the App.

E.g. this text "The weather today is wonderful. This is the end of the text!". Only the last few words are displayed, which are "end of

the text!". Please help me with the coding block to combine the chunks of text and display the whole message on the App.
Please find the aia file my Arduino below:
Send_Receive_Long_Message.aia (191.8 KB)
Arduino.txt (1.6 KB)

If you want to accumulate your incoming BLE text, use this logic:

You then would need to add a Clear button. to erase the .Text value.

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@ABG this is perfect, very simple and clean. Thank you very much :superhero:

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