Receive bluetooth message and relay to text

My dad is building an alarm using an Arduino. I was curious if there is a way I can use MIT app inventor to create an app that when the Arduino sends a bluetooth signal to a phone, that the phone sends a text message. For example if the alarm goes off, the Arduino sends a bluetooth message to the phone and the phone sends a text message to my dad telling him the alarm has been set off.I hope that makes sense.

Remember that App Inventor does not work with services, that is, the app must be open.
You can find extensions to try operation as a service.

Search "Bluetooth" in this Community and you will find many examples.

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Hi All,
Can you give me a link or explain me, please, the way in which I can read from my app all what is printed inside the serial monitor of arduino?
In my arduino code I have several conditions. When they are satisfied then I have some raw output in serial monitor. I would like to read them from my tablet that can commands via Bluetooth the arduino.
thank you.