Receive and Play music through bluetooth

Hello and greetings.
I'm planning to make an audio player for android-based car audio systems(android head units) because the default player in my own lacks any real functionality other than playing/pausing the music.
I was wondering if this can be done with the appinventor?
I've made some simple apps with it to use myself but I've never used the bluetooth modules or any extensions around it.
basically what I am trying to do is make an app that installs on my head unit, and after my phone is connected to the head unit, receive song audio, song information (title, singer, album, cover) from the whatever app I'm using on my phone to play the audio file (Music Player, Youtube Music, etc) and control it like pause or skip songs and lower or raise the volume.
I'm open to using any extension needed to do this but if it can be done with the default bluetooth module I would appreciate some guidance on how to accomplish this.

thank you.