Recaptcha: Verify the users with reCAPTCHA


Description: A simple extension to integrate reCAPTCHA for verifying users
Latest Version: 1
Released: 2022-04-09T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2022-04-09T18:30:00Z




You can use extension in this way:


com.sunny.recaptcha.aix (1006.5 KB)

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Thank you, it will motivate me a lot.

Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Could do with explaining how to get setup with a Site Key from the reCaptcha service, which reCaptcha to use, etc. .....

Thanks for the great extension.

It will help me to a great extent.

Getting site key and secret key is possible from here.

Yes, I get how to do that part :slight_smile:

Tried recaptcha V3 and V2

no dialog appears when calling

Do we have to get the android one, and assign our package name ?

Yes, you need to select reCAPTCHA v2 > reCAPTCHA Android.
Like this:

Site url:

Will this work in companion, or only a compiled app ?

Presume answer is yes ?
From Failed error message:

A required meta-data tag in your app's AndroidManifest.xml does not exist.
You must have the following declaration within the <application> element:
<meta-data android:name=""
 android:value="@integer/google_play_services_version" />"

Works fine when compiled on my real device Android 12.

Also failed using Genymotion Android 10 (when compiled):


Do I have to keep the Package name and Label Name same, as yours ?

No, they can be different :slight_smile:

Wow.. another rocking extension from @vknow360 ..


It should only work in APK (just like Kodular) because the package name you registered for the keys != the companion’s package name.

Companion app don't have this meta data in manifest.
So the extension may not work in the companion.

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Yes, it will work only in compiled app.

They can be different. Package name is to identify the app while label is to identify the project. Package name should be filled correctly, though label can be anything.

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