Recall information from Specific Cell in google sheet

Hi all!

I have linked my app with google sheets which sends information via google forms into a google sheet. I can recall all the infomation for a google sheet into a list picker however I would then like to extract individual elements from the row in the google sheet to relevant text boxes.
For example

After picking row 3 selection in google sheet
Set Textbox 1 to google sheet 3a
Set Textbox 2 to google sheet 3b
Set Textbox 3 to google sheet 3c

And so on.

I cant manage to find any infomation online to which would isolate the cells from a external google sheet. Could someone please help me or point me in the right direction online so I can find my bearing.

Thanks all!


See here:

Hi there,

thankyou so much, I’ll shall give this a bash and hopefully I’ll be on to a winner!

I am able to read 1 cell value and set that as 1 label. I am able to read a range of cells and set that as 1 label. Bt I am trying to read 'n' cells from a google sheet and set them as 'n' labels ! Am unable to get that to happen.

You would need to use the dynamic components extension in order to create "n" labels, or will you know in advance the value of "n" and therefore create the labels in development ?

To get the range of cells just use the download as csv process for a google sheet and set the range accordingly

The number of labels is known. I am trying to make a Fresh Grocery Demand and Supply app. The app should b able to read the Name of the Vegetable in ROW 1 and corresponding cost in ROW 2. Since vegetables are seassonal and nature and prices fluctuate, the admin updates the google sheet for Name and Cost of the vegetables, so that UPDATED info is available to the customer. As of now, I am trying with fixed values for ROW 1, so that they are not required to be updated. Values of ROW2, I am able to read a range into 1 label and thereafter I am feeding segmented text to various labels.

Here may be a simple system. It depends on how your spreadsheet is arranged. Since it appears Row 1 contains the vegetable and row 2 the corresponding cost, you could do something like this


This example currently reads from row 2 in the List (note the header was removed so what is in the spreadsheet as row three is the List row 2). If row 2 is your 'vegetable'; and row 3 is the cost then the Button with the cost will be index 3.

Thank you SteveJG. WIll work on it.