Real Operation of timer


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As per the above code in image is showing , It uses to turn on the :Timer_B"

My Question is, When above code is running , Does it turn on actual timers in Hardware ( In side the Microcontroler ) or is it a virtual timer ?

If it is actual timer then it uses system clock right ?

Please advice

The above code will never run at all, if TimerEnabled isn't set to true.
When ClockComponent.Timer will only be called when TimerEnabled is true.
You will also need to set the TimerInterval (in ms):

Yes, it uses the internal clock: Clock Component (App Inventor Documentation)



Orrr... yes.... my mistake.....sorry

It should be when Button "F" is pressed, then timer_B turn On. But you already answered the my question

Thanks once again

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I red the clock component documentation using given link


Above image is showing microcontrolller timer block diagram. So I need to further confirm that,....when Timer is on in the MIT App Inveterate, Does it communicate with the real hardware timers like above image is showing

Please advise

It won't, you will have to control it with said microcontroller somehow (sorry, I'm not the best at microcontrollers). Maybe if you're using Arduino, you could communicate between them with a Bluetooth module (you can search for @Juan_Antonio's tutorials on this community).