Reading data from web app and storing in dropbox txt file


I'm actually a photographer and would like to do this:
During xpo's customers have a qrcode that can be used to connect with others.
You need an app to scan the code and then you get a result in the form of a list of fields with like first name, company, etc.
What i would like to accomplish is to have a little background app that gets triggered when a scan has happened and then reads in the fields and writes them out in a simple txt file.

I'm also looking at tasker for this.

Anyone that could point me in the right direction ?


Maybe you could reuse a Covid tracker app code?

I'll search on covid tracker app, but don't see, at this moment, how this could grab screen content.


If you are using a webviewer, you could:

Thank you for that suggestion and code example.
I guess webviewer is an extension ?


Webviewer is a component in the user palette

Thank you for the help.
And for all those stumbling upon this message.
Enjoy and have a wonderful end of year and the best beginning of a new one ever.