Read sensors data using Nodemcu and MIT app

Hello Everyone.
I'm trying to build a mit app to control movements of rc car and in the same time get data from ultrasonic and DHT22 Sensors using nodemcu without using firebase or thingspeak "without internet".

i succeded to control the relays but i need help with the sensors.
Can anyone help me Please?



Guys, can you help me please?

ESP8266 is similar to Nodemcu.

I already use nodemcu esp2866
but i don't now how to receive the sensors data from the esp2866 to the mobile app

Use the Web component and issue GET requests to the esp8266

Hello Alex

OK, and you coded Node Mcu in Lua using the API or ESP8266 via the Arduino IDE?

via arduino ide

That's good. I think the Random Nerd Tutorials above should get you over the line.

A lot of people are controlling their rc cars etc via Bluetooth for true independence - you can take a Bluetooth setup anywhere but a WiFi setup is a limitation.