Read numeric value from CSV problem

I have file data_1.txt placed into internal storage. File contains 1 column of numbers like
Each line ends with CRLF (hex 0D0A)
I am reading this file into a list with ‘LIST FROM CVS TABLE TEXT’ block
when I am taking the first item from this list it is displayed in label field as
and operator ‘IS NUMBER?’ returns FALSE. And numeric operators on this item throw error like
‘The operation > cannot accept the arguments: , [[“0.632”]], [1]’ (when trying to comapre the value with 1)

What I need to do to get a number ‘0.612’?

Because of the line returns, you have a list of lists, even though there is only one item in each sublist.
To get at the data, you need to dig a level deeper:

select list item list  select list item list  get global G_CSV
                index  1                index 1

Got it!
Thanks a bunch.
it is so awkward…is the any simpler way to read column of numbers from file without double conversion from list?

Just separate with commas instead before loading(put all the numbers in a row rather than a column), or you can convert the list of lists to a list using for each and list blocks.

I use set global myList to split text at \n in the File Data Arrived block.
From then on, we need only select item 1 from global myList to see the first, etc.

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