Read from csv table

I have a big list so I create
csv.aia (2.7 KB)
csv . Now I'm trying to read data from csv table but I cannot
I'm trying to seperate columns from table and read data from cells.


You have a poorly formed csv file, using ; instead of ,

AI2 does not understand csv files with ;

Either replace in the csv file itself, or replace all ; when you read the file, using the text replacement block, before trying to make a list

Thanks for reply.
I did create xlsx excel file and saved it as csv utf-8 (comma delimited)
Now how to convert it properly ?

Try this

csv_1a.aia (3.2 KB)

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Thank you for the quick and direct help . (TIMAI2 & Ria_Das)
Now if I create a big csv like calendar , add more collumns ..... when screen1 initialize , how I get the today day from csv table ? Connect it with clock somehow?

It would be much easier to include a date string in your csv table for each record in this format:


(do not enter a date number in your spreadsheet, enter a string!)

Then you can generate this format using the clock blocks to match....

. Thank you TIMAI2 ..... thanks a lot