Hi,i need to read data of link below to create a ListView or saved into tinyDB but i don't know which is correct ask input format.


Try using the extension Tableview TableView Extension v3 - Extensions - AppyBuilder
with this code

thanks ,it works but output list is this .eachword is separate..


set the delimiter to \n in the designer for the Tableview extension

thanks so much for your time ,it works correctly.

next step i would like to get some field from each selected raw .

Use this event block to access the data:

Why with the same link I see all data with double quotes ?

You need to use text replacement blocks to remove all the double quotes before feeding the TableView

Thank you TIMAI2

  1. i use the solution see below image.
  2. anyway i made a lot of test to get only some field (ex:name,indirizzo,squadra) from a rowText with no successful ,any suggestion ?


try using comma as delimiter (not ",") and replacing double quotes as TIMAI2" said

probably i'm doing in a wrong way ,what i have to do is :
1-read from:
2-select from a list one row
3-send to google map only cell with address,city (now i send all data in a row...not correct)
4-make a list (filtered by squadra) and calculate distance+time (now i send all data in a row...not correct with NAVIGATE.

i found solution to read from URL,see attached .aia .but i'm still looking how to display and select in a right way
now display list is like this ,each field is a row:

but i would like a list like this or similar and after choose one set ListView.selection for other calculation

Help is really appreciate.

Attached .aia filetest_WEB.aia (2.9 KB)