Read data from arduino pin 9 via Bluetooth

I need to read data from arduino pin 9 micro switch 0/1, and set label in APP Inventor to "ON" or "OFF" is there a simple way to do it.
I have connected to Bluetooth and controlling relays in the same APP just need to see if switch is ON or OFF on my Phone

You have to instruct a clock to receive data on BT from your Arduino. Then, the received data (you can send already a text: "ON" or "OFF") is shown into a label.
You can use, as a basis, the annexed examples and elaborate them for your needs. Please take care that the text sending from Arduino shall be ended by a println().
BT_to_ESP32.aia (24.9 KB)
Don't care about the filename (ESP32) because it works also with any Arduino equipped with a HC05 or HC06. Please take also care that the BT address of my Arduino board is embedded as a text constant into the App: you shall overwrite it with your Arduino BT address, instead.

The following two, are the Arduino files (one is for ESP32, while the other is suitable for a UNO or Nano boards with HC05/6).
BT_Send_Monitor.ino (1.9 KB)
ESP32_BT_Monitor.ino (1.4 KB)

Hoping they can help.

PS. I suppose that, since you say that you are in degree to send data from APP to Arduino via BT, the Android permissions to use the BT are already accomplshed, and the only missing part is the receiving.

What I need is to be able to read if a switch is pressed or not(LOW or HIGH), and set a label i APP Inventor to "Pressed" or "Not Pressed" my bluetooth is ok working