Read cell data from new append row in google sheet

Hi , im new to this thing. But have learnt a couple thing along the way. I try to create a project for my assignment. But im stuck with read and get cell data from newly created append row in google sheet. I have read a lot of topic read data from google sheet but not on specific data cell, only read all data from column and table. Below are my blocks, screen and google sheet :

Im sorry for my bad english. Would appreciate if help, thank you.

Where is the UniqueID coming from? If from the app, then just reuse it / store in a tinydb for the device user.

I created the unique ID using block. the unique ID then store it to my google sheet. i dont know how to use tinyDB bcz its my first time.

here is my block how i create it :


Two things?

  1. Do you want to call all id?
    (In the procedure block it is clears that from the 5th col you are calling all data but header you doesn't need. So just use remove from the list using the index 1 and then from this list select the every 5th item, and why do you use join block?

  2. If you want specific id (for every person their own id), then while sending time the generated id to spreadsheet use one tinydb to store it .

From the tinydb value, use query method to call upon the specific row values alone .


Ok i will try the method first. Will let u know if i done it correctly.


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A simple example of saving and returning a uid in the app

SetUIDinApp.aia (2.4 KB)

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Thank you so much @TIMAI2 . At first im a bit confused if the uid i created at screen 1 then how about i want that uid value to display at screen 2. After playing with the block example u provided, i have succeeded. I dont know how to thank you, been strungling to make this simple uid thing hehe. Once again thanks for the help :pray:

And again @Spicy_Topics @TIMAI2 sorry for the late reply or respond. Been attending a program for whole day :pray:

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