Read AWS API Value (JSON)

I am going to Pic temperature and humidity value from AWS API, Which is in JSON Format. Please guide me to create block.

API data attached
JSON.txt (1.6 KB)

Here is an example using a weather app different from what you use. It disassembles a json (what you want to do) . Similar techniques may help you with the AWS api.

Hello Santhosh,

This works for me for displaying the first item in the Items list. Give it a try.


Hi gordon,

   Thanks for reply,  I am new to this app development.

I tried but its not giving any output

I have API URL, i want to pick value
from the API URL. So where to put URL in this block

Please show your new blocks, as we do not know what you are doing.

The section of my blocks in the Initialize event should be placed in the Web.GotText event, and jsonData should be the responseContent parameter.

Get only one value

Now i get a output thank you so much....

Yes, from your screenshot you seem to have misspelled "temperature" ...