Read and Write text entry box for Arduino variable

Greetings all,
I currently have a rather clumsy set up to set variables in an Arduino program using a text box to enter a value, a button to send and another text box to display the variable that is read back from the Arduino. So once the new value has been entered and the button pressed to send, both text boxes show the same value. On industrial HMI's and SCADA systems a single display area allows for data entry and when data entry is not taking place the display reverts to reading back the value from the connected processor. My question is, has anyone worked out a way to improve on my clumsy method, maybe by stacking text boxes and controlling their visibility. Or maybe I am thinking about it in the wrong way (by thinking of the text box) and I need make a read/write variable, but I am unsure how to do this.
Pointers or a working solution welcome.

I think your 'clumsy' method is actually the best method Andrew. It makes sense to have separate displays for input and output. You could have the input (from Arduino) display in a Label instead, so it is never overwritten manually by mistake.

Thankyou for your response Chris. It has improved my understanding of the Label (I had unchecked the enabled box on the read textbox so achieved the same thing). I will continue to muse on how I can achieve an entry box just like an HMI.