Read and write CSV to TinyDB

I 'm using the table from this example.
I want to read data from a TinyDB and display it on the table. (and also write data from a textbox to the TinyDB)
In the example a csvTable is created and displayed in the table.
So, how can I read and write a csvTable (like the one in the example) to TinyDB?
Is there any example?

This example uses Tableviw extension to show the table

@patel The TableView extension is the one from here?

If you have a list of lists stored in your tinydb then this is, in essence, a table.

From you tinydb gotValue convert the list with the list to csv table

Then you can use this in the html table. You will actually need to do something similar to use the tableview extension.

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Yes it is correct

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I built your program and this is what I got on the screen of my phone (does not look correct):

If you can upload the project file (aia) it would be very useful (maybe I did some mistake).

Check your Tableview delimiter row property in the Designer. It should probably need to be \n

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You can eliminate probably, it need \n in row delimiter

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Yes, it was the row delimiter.

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