Read a file from the application memory

Hi there.

I uploaded a "docx" file to my application. I want to open this file when I press a button.

Do I have the option to do this or does it only work on ROOT phones?

you can try with activity starter
See How to view a .docx file in app inventor
No root needed. You can not use textfiles ?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I tried, with more parameters. I am currently trying to follow the link. The document does not open anyway.
Maybe the datauri is not correct? I read that I don't have to use a "/" sign.

The document contains a description of the application with pictures, etc. For this reason, it would be better to open it as a document.

Could it be easier to put it on a google drive and open it from there with a link and WebViewer?

Resolved using WebViewer and a google drive link.

So aesthetics are not so beautiful, but you can see everything and that’s the point.

You need the full path as showed in the allready attached link

I read that the file "integrated" into the application is placed in the internal storage on the phone. However, I could only do this with root privileges, but I don't want to root phones.

You need an external app to open a docx file, then this app can not access to your app memory.
You have to place your docx in documents and use a Datauri like file:///mnt/sdcard/documents/filename.docx