RE: Is the Appinventor login using a YouTube integration for logon using Google?

Also why YouTube is blocked?
Because in India YouTube is not blocked in schools

Ask them to use was blocked. You cannot say that the whole of India allows students to freely view any material on YouTube, many if not most Educational Establishments will know how dangerous that can be.

According to my experience most of the students can use it freely here
As digitalization of school is almost non existent

My school doesn't allow to view youtube

My school allows and we don't have a seperate account for our school for every student

I am sure that is unfortunately true of some areas, though no doubt the School/Teachers will strictly instruct the students on their use of YouTube. I'm also sure that your experience has not taken you to most of the schools in India and so you cannot really use your experience as a compass in this case.

I have helped students from various parts of India so I do have an inkling of what the schools have (varies hugely, some schools have very up to date kit for every student in the class whilst others are sharing a single device with many students). Regardless of riches or lack there of, a teacher can mostly ensure that his/her students have morally safe access to the Internet and YouTube, without any tech required.

One thing I'm sure of - India has students that are dedicated and diligent, people who appreciate their education and work hard. Despite the Pandemic, today's students will succeed in the long term and India is going to be a force to be reckoned with in future tech.

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