Rate my Appinventor UI

@Know_About_IT You can also use 000webhost to host you app inventor.

So heres a mistake, Ai2 is not like a HTML site, It needs cloud hosting, and not any other one but Google Cloud

Note it needs a Cloud VM i.e Azure, AWS ,GCloud , IBM Cloud, DigitalOcean Which Costs like Buying Laptops

It is not like HTML he already Has a Buyed Shared hosting Website In which Ai2 Cannot be hosted

GCP is expensive but not that much :sweat_smile: Also It depends on the usage.

Just a little suggestion - Please try to improve the scrollbars. Overall UI is good. :grin:

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Sure :upside_down_face:

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mm 7-8k per month (In INR)

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Now see I made it laptop

8 ,000 × 12 = 96,000

Near to 1 Lakh

OK.Blaaaack is the best.:slight_smile:


Is tht not open source

Currently under development, It will be in future

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it depends on the usage. AFAIK. If many people are using it then the costs would be different. You can calculate it with the Values given in the Pricing page of Appengine!

Again the UI is Awesome!

How will you buy a car in 100k inr :joy:
Btw we are going too much off topic... let's stop the discussion about GCP

I can understand. I am also in High School currently (not preferring to tell my age :slight_smile: ) and 7-8k INR per month is very costly. :hot_face:

Maybe @ewpatton can host this UI on the AI2 website with a button to change to dark theme :upside_down_face: . It's just an suggestion.


So a little Good News,

Ewpatton sir agreed for Modern UI for Ai2, by default, there will be classic theme, once a user clicks dropdown and selects other one, the Theme will be changed,

My PR will implement a dropdown that will have :

  1. Classic Theme
  2. Modern Theme (Light)
  3. Modern Theme (Dark)

So , When will it will be merged with Ai2

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Cant say anything, its still under work so, maybe within 1-2 months or so..........

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In the next release i think

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So, Finally a (Work in Progress) PR has been created :

This PR might interest you (and is a part of what @Susan_Lane mentioned as a comment in your PR)


nice work Vishwas