Rate my Appinventor UI

u just need to replace some files of ur localhost, ya.css, gwt.css, colorchoicepropertyeditor.java, ode.java, I can surely help you

This means that I need to set up my computer (download) MIT app inventor offline?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, :grin:

I also wished to host an online instance of it but :sneezing_face:
I am a 13 y.o kid and hosting costs are : :hot_face:


@Patryk_F heres blocks

I know there are things I can improve

It looks cool. It would not tire the eyes as much as all present whiteness.


Glad to know you liked it :blush:

Login UI

Project List UI

Thanks to @MohamedTamer for his help


Is it possible to make the Palette and Properties panel scroll only in its panel, not the whole window scroll?

yes, two methods to do this :

first Css calc property

second Gwt Scroll Widget

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Its Awesome...
A Five Star
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The Blocks Are Attractive
The Palette is Nice
And The Projects List is just Cool
Overall Review:
Just No Words



Thanks for your motivating words

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I would like to run this one in my localhost .Very Attractive UI


  1. Try to Change The Google button and Make it big
  2. Try to add icons in Project list
  3. Try Changing Default Component Appinvrntor Icons
  4. Also You can try to use Vultr To host it With its base plan
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Ok sure

Soon uploading a pic of docs :upside_down_face:

Also :

Another Surprise : Companion UI


Really Cannot wait For the companion update

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One more doubt is it open-source or Closed one

Currently under development, will think about making it open source also, my plans are to make a chrome extension for UI

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Okay Nice Idea

A dark theme in ai2 would be really useful.


Yes, I also wished to host it

But as I mentioned :

Dreams are dreams :disappointed: some come true some dont, I cant anyhow arrange 7-8k per month for hosting as I am a kid, Infact I have my own Appinventor Distro ready with Useful components

But, .............

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