Random value or progressive number in textbox

Is it possibile to enter a progressive number in a textbox in automatic? or a random number?

Perhaps see here:


thanks yes i am searching for a unique value…
but if the app is used from more than 1 person on different smartphones the number can be repeated? because i’ll store this values on a postgresql database online and i need it unique!

You will have to do something on the server then

so maybe i can retrieve the column of the valure from the database…
analize with appinventor to take the major number and do +1!

is there a procedure that can be done in appinventor?

i can do a select from my db as this:
https://cutt.ly/Qyml7ZG and i can see all my trackid!

now i want to read on appinventor data of trackid select the major and then do +1
Is it possible?