Random space on top of my app

Hi there, I just finished a city guide app which is compiling fine and working almost with no problems except that a white space randomly appears at the top of my screen. Sometimes it never shows up. I can't understand why I am getting this behavior. I am attaching my blocks as well as a couple of screen captures showing this random white space. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Post your blocks properly and show us screenshots of your designer.

Thank you very much, here are my blocks arranged by section with a title to help identify them. I am also attaching my Designer screenshots. Hope the blocks image is clear enough to help clarify the logic behind the app. If necessary I can send a larger image or have it split in several images with better resolution.

When does this happen? At Screen.Initialize?
If so, we only need to see the Screen.Initialize (*) event block and the settings in the Designer.

So make a copy of your aia, rename it, import / open it and remove all blocks except Screen.Initialize. Export this aia and post it here.

Note: (*) However, if further procedures are called in Screen.Initialize, we should see them too.

Thank you very much for your response, I checked and the white space only appears at Screen.Initialize once I open any section for a second time the white space does not appear.

I have followed your instructions and here is the Screen.Initialize block and its settings, the aia file I had to upload it to Google Drive since it is too large and I cannot upload it here.



Hi, thank you for your response I am attaching the procedure being called hope this will help to solve the problem :slight_smile:

Hi Anke, thank you thank you very much, problem is gone, I just have another question, some of my subsections when opened don't display from the top, that is they are shifted down as shown in the Screen captures, any idea what I could do to make sure they are displayed properly?