Random mp3 do not work

I did this app which plays random mp3, but it stops before having plaied all files, it stops after playng only some mp3, it is not able to play all of them

LGTM, it should work.
Post a test aia.

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LGTM is an acronym meaning looks good to me , frequently used when reviewing documents.


Dear Anke, I delete some mp3 file in order to upload this aia file. Time ago I used this file and it worked. I do not understand why today it do not work as it did time ago. it stops but no error message appear on the screen. the screen remain open, the screen do not close after playng the last mp3 like when I used the app at the time when it worked. Could it depend on too large mp3 files?Thank you very much.
maurizio ImiCristoLibro2.aia (6.8 MB)

playerRandomPick.aia (160.0 KB)

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Dear Anke thank you very much! I will use your work, even if i am not skill like you in app inventor use.
Best wishes