Random list block generating the same result every time

Hey everyone.

I have a list of a bunch of words split up like so. However, on my phone (iPhone 13 Pro running the the companion) it seems to just generate the same string every single time.

(Same thing happens when I use the built in "pick a random item in list" block).

I've tried it on an android device and it seems to randomize fine. Is this some sort of companion issue isolated to iOS or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

random integer from list block does not work yet on iOS

I believe the block works. However, the issue is that on 2.60 the seed for the randomizer is always the same at startup so if you're expecting a different behavior every time it appears to fail since you'll get the same sequence of "random" selections. In the beta version we did fix this so the RNG is seeded with the app startup time so that it behaves as one would expect it to.