Random Button Klicker

Hello, everyone,
I've been tinkering with App Inventor for a few days.
now I can't go any further.
I'm trying to create a kind of random number generator.

Basically, when I click button X, a random button should be clicked from a list.

I have absolutely no idea how to set this up.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything suitable in the internet search

Can someone help me there?

For what reason do you use those buttons ? You can create a procedure to create a random number by pressing just one button

I have configured several views that I can select manually using a button.
I would like to be able to choose them at random.

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I know the solution and have posted it before.

Wait till I fetch it.

Here is the .aia :

VirtualScreens.aia (3.1 KB)

Each VirtualScreen is a VerticalArrangement.

This .aia has blocks to both open manually or open a random VirtualScreen.

great, thank you very much. I'll try to implement it

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Thank you! It worked!
but I seem to have done something wrong /differently. only after I changed the value from false to true in the last block, did it work!? In your example, it also works without switching.

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Sorry, maybe I mis-dragged the false block there.

I changed the .aia in the post.

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