Radius and diameter


as you can see in the picture,
i'm trying to make a little app to make my life easier, only that same app is making my life hard now.

the problem is the following:

if I enter a number in the text.box polumjer (radius), I need to calculate in the block polumjer (radius), diameter, area and circumference. so far it works.

and if I enter a number in the block promjer (diameter) in the text.box promjer (diameter), the program calculates the radius.

now, how can i now make that when it calculates the radius from the block promjer "diameter", that value calculated from text.box polumjer (radius) sends to block polunjer (radius) and automatically calculates block polumjer (radius).

I hope I have described it understandably.
if not feel free to bombard me with questions

Thank you in advance for your hard work and time.

You can do this way


your solution works great.
since I am new to that program I did not observe the problem from that side.

just where did you find the "showalert notice" was it an add-on or did it hide somewhere and I didn't find it?

thank you very much


You just need to add inbuilt notifier component.

Here, you can find more details



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