Quotes App - How do I Mask a Comma in List View, So That There Is No Line Break?

Exists a possibility to mask a comma, which separats parts of a quote, so that is not read as a line break in a listview (elements)? I have searched for this topic on the internet and here in the forum, but I did not found anything. Thank you very much! Have a great day!


Update question: Does it perhaps work with a backslash in front of the comma? , And when I get the elements from the database with the TinyDB Get Value block then I have to replace it with the text replace blocks? Does someone know how such a code looks? Could this work, please? Thank you!

Add double quotes to any fields that contain a comma

I see no such effect in the way I load a ListView.
The commas in my ListView Elements did not cause line breaks.

Show me otherwise.

Depends where you list comes from, if you have a csv table (poorly formatted) then the commas will split.

Think of the text as something you want to ship.

Package it well in quotes before presenting it to the warehouse worker.

Hello TIMAI2,
It is not a table. It is a "list from csv row text" block in connection with an initalize block. Here is the code:

Would it look like this:

"Text, Text Text",

? Thank you.

Yes it would.


Great! I will do this this evening. Unfortunately, I have to solve a problem with my Easy TTS to MP3 App. Since 16 days not online in Play. Thanks.

You already had all your sayings in separate text blocks.
You could have fed them directly into a make list block with a socket for each text block.

Why did you text JOIN them all together, making something that you then had to separate back into individual list items?

By the way, the proper name for the list should SayingsList.

Dear ABG,
Thank you. You are right.
(part deleted, under board practice - ABG)
Thanks for your patience.

Dear ABG,

I looked for the difference between a saying and a quote:

Quote: "To be, or not to be..."
Saying: "It is raining cats and dogs"

In my dictionary means quote "Zitat" and this sentences of Shakespeare are quotes and not sayings. A saying is in German "Sprichwort". So I use quote for the Shakespeare Quotes. Have a great day!

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