Quick Settings Overlay

When I install my App Inventor app on my Samsung phone and run it I can't use the quick settings menu dropdown. Only the status bar shows with the clock, etc.
What do I need to do to make the quick settings overlay work when my app is running?


Please show image of what you mean....

Sorry, I will have to try and describe it better, as I can't take a photo of my phone with my phone.

When you swipe your finger from the very top of the phone screen in a downward motion a dropdown menu is displayed. The menu can be customized, but generally contains things like flight mode, torch, Bluetooth, WiFi, orientation, etc. This menu is often referred to as the "quick settings menu". This menu is usually available all the time, regardless of which app(s) is/are open. It can also be accessed when the phone is locked, but no doubt there is a setting to prevent that. However, when my App Inventor app is open, this quick settings menu will not display. Instead, when you swipe your finger from the top of the screen only the status bar is displayed, which contains the clock. I hope that helps.

Just another observation.
The problem I am referring to does not exist with the MIT AI2 Companion App. In that app, the quick settings menu works as expected. As that app is also written with App Inventor I am guessing that I need to set something within App Inventor to make this work. Both the companion app and my own app have been installed on the phone with their default settings and no settings have been changed since their installation.

  1. Is your app set to run at full screen ?
  2. Have you unticked the ShowStatusBar in the screen1.properties?
  3. Which theme, which device, which android version?

Can you upload the .aia file ?

Thank you. Yes, I had at some point turned off the ShowStatusBar feature and that was causing the issue.
All fixed now.

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