Questions regarding extension

I have 2 questions: -

  1. I want to know that is it possible to know my extensions is used in which creator or builder like kodular/appinventor/classic in extension?
  2. How can I add inline input to my blocks in extension?


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Most of the time it works in A!2 and all AI2 distribution.

When you have one input or more, the inline option will come up

For example
One of my extensiosn


I want to just know.

I mean how can I preadd it? Like at first online it should have inline inputs...

You can't.

You have to try, cuz other distribution are close source. You don't know if the relevant library is exist in those builder.


@ewpatton please help me.

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@WatermelonIce gave you good advice/information.

However I'm not 100% sure I understand your first question.
Please clarify what exactly you are looking for.
If you want to know if your extension will work in a certain builder, as @WatermelonIce said, you will have to test your extension in that builder.
Furthermore you will need to test your extension in that builder every time the builder is updated, to ensure compatibility.

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If I understand correctly, then he wants his extensions to be incompatible with a specific builder.

@Kumaraswamy It can be possible if you can somehow get the builder name which user is using.

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But why would you want your extension to be incompatible? Very strange.

Please don't go off-topic, just i need answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have your answer already.

I cant tick as solution, button is not there.

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So do you have your answer now?

Hm, trying to find out...

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I think you can do it with package name because each and every builder have different packages name.

So you can differentiate builder according package name.