Questions about lists in list

As we know, "create list" can be put in one of the socket of another "create list", so how can we get the index of/and the data in one of the socket of a "create list" which is on one of a socket of another "create list"?

the last sentence is confusing so I will give an example.

"create list" [socket]"create list"[socket]"" ""
----------------[socket]"create list"[socket]"get global variable1"
-----------------------------------------[socket]"get global variable2"

"create list" is create list
[socket] means there is a socket that belongs to the block before it
""string"" means that is a string
"get global variable" is get global variable
--------- is just empty, because if I simply use space it won't show

In which programs we can get index 1 from the inner "create list" and index 2 from string""abc"", get the data string"'abc"", and what index will we get, 1,2 or 3, for "get global variable1"?
alot of question :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: there is 4 questions btw :grin:

Something like this ...?

for the "get global name3" what if the make a list below is also strings how can we still get the string "abc"?

also how can we get the index?
or is it possible

Spend some time here:

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