Questions About Firebase. (FirebaseToken, ProjectBucket)

Could someone tell me what to set in the FirebaseToken property ? Is it the WebAPIKey or AppId or something else ?

I couldn't understand things in the results of a Google Search.

WebApi Key is Firebase's Token

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Make sure that you set your project's location to us-central otherwise it won't work with MIT App Inventor

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Do you mean the Default GCP resource location ?

Yes, see


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I don't know why it isn't working.



When I open the app it says,

Unfortunately, FireBase has stopped.

App Name : FireBase.

The ProjectBucket is <FBProject-name> right ?

That project bucket is for Firebase Storage.

Either leave the Project Bucket in the designer empty, or set it to something like: MyFirstFirebaseApp. All your tags will then be saved under that top tag/node/bucket:


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