Questions about Battery Manager from Taifun

@Taifun Hello everyone, hello Taifun

first of all, your website with a collection of extensions is amazing.

I have got some little questions about the properties of your Extension Battery Manager.

My tablet is running with Android 9 and i installed your battery.aia by building an .apk with app inventor.
The only thing i changed before building was that i added a clock (1ms) and put all the blocks from Screen1.Initialize into Clock1.Timer just like you can see in the pictures:

(I did this because i want to see the CurrentNow value updated continuously.)

In the description on your website you say that the properties "CurrentAvg, CurrentNow and ChargeCounter" are in microampere... however in your pre built .aia they are in mA, milliampere. Am i missing out on something here?

I hope i am guessing right if i say that all of these three are actually milliampere, mA values?

Also the Current Avg Value always shows -9223372036854775808 on my tablet:

Is that because of the hardware which would provide this value does not support sending out this value like you mentioned with "...The time period over which the average is computed may depend on the fuel gauge hardware and its configuration." or am i also doing something wrong here?


sorry... microampere is correct
see also the official Android documentation for further details and clarification