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I'm making a second version of my painting app. I have decided to add a label that says which colour is in use. I've put an "AnyButton.Click" Event. I made a variable "colours" that it's a list with all the colors I putted in the painting app. There is a problem though, I don't know how I can make it identify which button is pressed, to show which colour is selected.

painting_v2.aia (4,6 KB)

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Use the any button background colour block to return the colour?



This aia of mine has what you need, including many extra things. Currently, the ImagePicker causes problems because some phones rotate the images with the rotation angles saved.

Paint.aia (263.1 KB)

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I tried that but the output is some random numbers on the companion. Thank you for answering at least!

Ok! I will download the .aia and I'll see the code! Thank you!

These are not random, these are colour numbers....

ANDROID and HTML Colour Codes

ohhhhhhhhhh thank you

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