Question mark in a label

Hi guys
I have an arduino sensor that send numbers trough bluetooh module hc-05, and I need view this numbers on my smartphone.
My app has a label that should show the numbers sent by the arduino, but the numbers are not displayed, and question marks appear. Below I leave my code
Please help me guys.![WhatsApp Image 2020-02-07 at 12.05.04|515x500]

Did you change the Labels Font?

It looks like the font you are using doesn’t recognize the characters being sent.

no, I did not change the label font men

Show us the Arduino sketch (.ino).

Which are you using, write() or print() to send your text?

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Hello William

There is another possible reason for the question marks and that is failed signals resulting in gobbledegook values (highly technical term) - do you actually see the values expected with the Arduino Serial Monitor?