Question about using Taifun File - MoveAsync block for video files

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I'm starting a simple app for storing recorded videos on a new specific folder. I create a new folder in /Download, then call the camcorder component to start a video. After recording, it is supposed to move the file to the folder using the Taifun File extension. I can see the video on the new folder, but the app seems to be creating a copy of the file, keeping the orinigal video.
Is it correct? I don't want to keep both files. How can I move the original file, or delete it after copied?

move_video1.aia (35.2 KB)

It looks like you are trying to create the folder /Download in the root directory of the emulated sdcard...

You might want to try this subfolder /Downloads/myVideos


Yes, there is a bug on Android 11+.
The created video (using the Camcorder component) cannot be deleted (on Android 11+). It seems that this video file is created by another app. Since it is a media file, it can therefore be read with READ permission, but not written to (not deleted).

I checked it with the File component, TaifunFile and FileTools extensions.

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Of course, no problem to delete the video file(s) using SAF on Android 11+.
But this shouldn't be necessary.