Question about the Service Provider List for Location

I have these questions about the Service Provider List for the Location Sensor:

  1. Why have the List Providers Services the FUSED Provider Service as duplicate?
  2. Why the GPS provider is near the end of the list? I think the order is important for eficiency. Is it right?
  3. What Provider is better in-buildingand out-building?
    Can anybody clarify it?
  1. good question... sorry, I do not know...
  2. the list is an unordered list...
  3. try GPS for outside and fused for inside


For the point 2, do yoy knou the order that is acting?

it is unordered as far as I can see... but the order not really is important...
you could check the sources, if you want to know more


Most 'accurate' coordinates are provided by gps subject to how many satellites are being used by the LocationSensor. Cell tower coordinates a much less reliable and may be what your device defaults to if you are inside a building with weak gps radio signals,
GPS uses satellites that orbit around the Earth to triangulate a user's location, whereas Wifi locating technology uses relative network signal strength gathered at network access points,
See Location without Google Services. These days you will rarely find an app… | by Todor Kostov | Medium

This link is a bit out of date but does discuss the issue
Android Location Providers (gps, network, passive) |

fused uses either cell tower , wifi or gps info. You haven't any choice, your Android system decides. unless you set and lock a specific Provider using code.

No, that is incorrect. The most efficient is determined automatically using the fused Provider and cannot be circumvented unless the Provider is set and locked by a developer.

Ask Google how they determined this appears twice.

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