Question about the file size

Good day.

I installed the app I made inside my 2 phones.
One is the Samsung phone, another LG.
Then the file size of the Samsung is 10.26 Mb, LG’s app is 17.96 Mb.
Of course both 2 are working well.

But I’d like to know the reason why.
Am I curious too much?

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Sorry, I was in circumstances I couldn’t access Google using chrome for a while.

I read the support page and I couldn’t understand a few terminology, “peer group” breakdown so on.

Anyway I know that the app file installed has a bigger size than apk file and my apk file size is just 3.2 MB.
And my Samsung phone still has 1.5MB free space after installing it.

Though it’s my assumption, the note(All sizes ~ the XXXHDPI ARMv8 device configuration ~) seems to say the reason.
It’s ok.
I went into too deeply as a nonmajor.

Thank you and I was happy while I studied AppInventor.
This is not the end, expect next Q.