Question about student turn in?

If my students are creating their apps at home, what is the best way to have them submit to me? Is there anyway I can run the app that they created at home on a table?

The best I have come up with is to have them screenshot their designer screen and their blocks screen to grade their apps.

should say "on a tablet"

Have them rename their projects to include (in order),

  • class
  • assignment number
  • their name
    then export the uniquely named .aia file and either mail to you or upload it to a shared directory.

There may be a situation when u need to SEE the app for guiding them and provide mid course corrections in addition to seeing what they have done. You could install the companion on your phone / tablet, and the students provide u with the code. u can run the app without installing it using the companion, either by scanning a QR code or manually entering the unique code provided for the app.

That was my initial thought also, but I don't think that will work. I think their computer and my phone/tablet would have to be on the same network and running at the same time.

Thats what the companion says. But I tried it out. My PC on a different network, and mobile on a different network. The companion worked. You could give it a try !!

In case you want, you open the companion, I will give u a code from here. See if you can RUN THE APP !! No harm in TRYING !