Question about searching by ID in Google Sheets

In my app, I'm saving some user registration information in Google Sheets. For example, I go to my app, register a client, and link my ID Key there. I followed some tutorials on YouTube and managed to retrieve this spreadsheet using my ID Key, thus bringing only the clients I registered. However, I noticed something strange. If I registered only 1 client, I can't retrieve this data, but if I add another, it shows both. Could someone guide me on whether there is something wrong with the blocks?

In the example below, I have 2 users registering clients, Brian and Brandon. Since Brian has only 1 client, I can't retrieve him with my blocks, but for Brandon, yes, because he has 2.



My blocks:

Have you tried the Do It option over your select list item block, inside your procedure?

Process your web data after it arrives, not immediately after you ask for it.

Sorry, but I didn't understand, and my poor English doesn't help either.

I put Data inside the Web, it also didn't work :sweat:

Portuguese: Quando estás no modo de blocos, clique com o botão direito do mouse em cima do bloco de select list item e escolha a opção Do It na tua procedure Data, para ver o que está sendo retornado.

English: When you are in blocks, right click your mouse over the select list item block, and choose the Do It option, in your Data procedure, to see what it is returned.

Oh, I figured it out. I added a validation so that if the ID Key was different, it would set the list as false. If I remove it, the data appears. However, I still want to keep this condition because it involves sensitive information, and each user should only see data associated with their key. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Sugestão: Eu não colocaria um else if, já que só tem uma condição já definida no IF, então só deixaria o ELSE mesmo...

Outra coisa: por que não deixar como True mesmo, já que não está adicionando nada ao Listview?

It's just that, for example, the ID key I'm using is 123456789. If I type 12345678, nothing appears, which is great. However, if I enter the correct key and delete one number, the list doesn't disappear, as it should. But, really, it works without it. Is there any possibility for the list to clear if it's incorrect? If not, I'll consider this issue closed. And thanks for the help!

If I’m not wrong, try to put in the ELSE the block
Listview.elements => create empry list

Unfortunately, it didn't work. Listview.elements => create empty list. If there is one element, it remains blank...

I'm leaving work now. I'll try again on Monday, and if it doesn't work, I'll leave it as it is. If the user tries an incorrect number, nothing will appear anyway; it will only show up with the correct one.

Thank you for the help; I appreciate it a lot. I'll provide some feedback or close the post on Monday.