Question about original creator

I am making an app for a school project, including some basic questions about MIT-appinventor. So i was wondering, is there any way to see the name of the original creator of an app if you have downloaded it?

You can add a button for About us and there you can add the developer of that app

Go to Screen1, and click on the component Screen1. There, you can change the about app property. You can also do this with blocks, but only for Screen1.

The "About App" can be viewed through the 3-dots-menu --> About App. However, the menu is only visible if the app is on the DeviceDefault/Dark theme.

If downloading an aia project you can see the package name if you unzip the aia project and look in the project properties file under main=

This will usually provide the email address of the creator, but some developers may have changed this to something else.

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