Question about importing Keystore

I wanted to know why importing a new Keystore to a specific project set the same Keystore for all projects?
You can not exit this loop - because when I re-import Keystore for one project, I will then have to renew for another project and so on ...

The keystore is associated with your account and is therefore used for every app.
Therefore I basically sign my apps outside of AI2 (or Kodular).
Earlier with → AppToMarket and later (now) with → APK Editor Studio.

Are these a certificate issue?
I do not see why it is not possible to replace the Keystore only for a specific project

I'm aware of that, but it's just another unnecessary process

Of course it is possible, but you need to reimport the old keystore after that.

Example: You have 3 apps:

  • one created, built and signed with AppyBuilder
  • one with AI2 ...
  • one with Kodular ...

So you have 3 different keystores and you have to import the respective keystore for each app that you want to update in the Play Store.

EDIT: Oh, I didn't see that was an iOS topic.

Of course it is possible, but it is not so convenient
Besides, AppyBuilder no longer exists

Oops, I did not notice I posted this here :sweat_smile:

And, what does that change?
The keystore must still be used.

Here is a recent discussion about Keystore in App Inventor 2 App signing and keystore .

The above discussion contains links to other discussions that provide more information that some developers in the community might find useful to understand how App Inventor handles Keystore.

Of interest and comparison this link describes how Android Studio handles Keystore. Is the process used in the professional compiler less convoluted than the 'simplified' procedures MIT makes available for its base educational users?

What would you change and how would you do it?

The keystore has always been a user-level item in App Inventor and never been attached to singular project. Is there a particular reason to use a keystore per app?

Well, I had to update the keystore in one project and then I had to update the keystore to other projects when I had to compile them

Okay, but why though?

I had to import a project again and the Keystore of that project changed because it was imported, so I had to update the Keystore

Which caused the Keystore to be updated for all other projects