Question about how to keep and retrieve the location on the txt file

Good day, every POWER USER!!!
Always I really appreciate all power users help.
I came to a conclusion today once again that there is no way to settle my trouble without your help.

My blocks are like the attached picture.
My txt file has many rows.
I saw to 11th row today for example, so I want to see from 12th row(or 11th) next.
So I inserted the block like ‘picture 2’, and it works well on the app inventor, but it doesn’t work on the actual app. Of cause the value of ‘here_before’ was stored in the tinyDB1 in advance.
It works well under the only block of ‘picture 1’, though it can’t remember the list I want.

(Q 1) How can I settle this problem?
(Q 2) In addition, I’d like to know to store based on the an item (herein ‘ID”), not based on the index

If I understood correctly;

You can use index in list block to know index of specific element in list.

You need to declare/initialize the variable with a constant value, even if variable is not constant. As TinyDB is not returns a constant value, it gives an error when you do that.

However, you can set the variable value after declaring, for example at Screen.Initialize.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your answer.

Maybe my questions were insufficient as much you could answer, I think.

I am sorry against that.

The matter was that I couldn’t get the value when the app was reopened, that has settled like below picture.

Then could you get me a way to settle Q 2?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!reply

See this thread for a general purpose table filter based on
header row 1 of the input Comma Separated Values (CSV) table:

what about using 0 as valueIfTagNotThere?
no need for using an if statement...

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