Question about Ceasar Cipher Encrypt App

Here is my code for my encryption procedure... I've followed the tutorial and looked over my code many times by now but for some reason, the first letter in the plaintext is never encrypted. For example, if I enter hello with a shift of 2, I get hgnnq (all the other letters are shifted besides the h). Any ideas for how I can troubleshoot?

Show us the rest of your code, or export and upload your .aia file here?

Also, are you unconsciously Capitalizing Hello, so the H is not found in your alphabet?

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Oh my god! Thank you SO MUCH! You just made me realize that indeed- the capitalization was the issue. When I entered in "hello," the encryption worked perfectly! Thanks again- saved me so much time/hassle.

You can lowercase the input string to prevent the error from happening.

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