Question about Bluetooth Client and using apps to control Arduino Based Robots

Hey guys,
I am new to MIT App Inventor community and app development in general. I have a question about the bluetooth client. I was trying to follow along with a robotics project which has an MITApp Inventor component and I wanted to add some functionality to the robot to make it unique to me. The robot works by assigning a specific number to certain commands such as “move forward” or “turn left 90 degrees” and then using an app to send these number to the robot so that it can follow instructions. The original app has numbers 0-17 assigned to certain commands. When I try to add more number to add more functions those command do not work on the app and will not write to the Arduino. Does this have to do with the way bytes are received and sent in my blocks? How would I go about increasing the total number of commands I can send? or am I way off base and is there is another issue at play here?

My Project: ( link to original in the description)
My Arduino Code:

Your personal AI2 project URL won’t work for other AI2 accounts.
Export the .aia Project file to your github too.

See for how to share
an AI2 project in github. The blocks are draggable because they were individually
downloaded as pngs using the native AI2 facility.

Also, see if you can add a clause to your case statement to cover unexpected values,
for diagnostic purposes.

What is the URL of the original working project?

Compare the BlueTooth Delimiter values between the two projects.

This is the original project.

I have not changed the Bluetooth blocks from the original. I added my .aia to my github link.

Did you succeed in getting the original project to work as App Inventor project?
That should be the first thing to make sure before you try to expand it.
Cheers, Ghica.

Yes. I got the app to work as the original creator intended.

I see an .apk, but no .aia

What is the direct github download link for the .aia file?

The .aia code is on the github

You failed to set your Clock1 repeating, so you got no responses in the Clock Timer.

You attempted to grab a response from the air before it could arrive in one of your button Click events.

See attached.
SoilProbingRobot (1).aia (25.8 KB)


Wouldn’t this mean that I shouldn’t have been able to use any of my buttons at all? I’m only having issues with certain ones. I posted a video in response to another poster’s question where I use some of the buttons to control the robot’s movements. These are the buttons that the original user created and they work just fine. I tried to emulate what he did for his working buttons and created new ones to control the auger and linear actuator on the robot but these buttons did not work. I’ll try your suggestion with the clock out though.